We have gathered frequently asked questions about reservations, fares and Hankyu Ferry services.
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When can we start making reservations for the ferries?
We begin taking reservations 2 months to 7 days prior to the scheduled departure.
I want to make changes to the reservation I made online. How do I do this?
Please update your reservation from the online reservation page.
Do I need to pay cancellation fee to cancel my reservation?
If you are just canceling your reservation, no cancellation fee will be charged.Cancellation fee will apply to boarding tickets/coupons.
Can I board without making a reservation?
You may board without a reservation if there is any empty seat.
When does the modified ferry operation schedule for bad weather conditions come out?

We try our best to decide on the inclement weather schedule as soon as possible, looking at the weather and sea conditions. However, please note that we may announce the modified schedule right before the departure for safety reasons, depending on the changes in the weather and sea conditions. Please check the operation schedule on our website for more information.

Boarding proceedings

When does the ticket window open for boarding procedures? When can we start boarding?
We will take the boarding procedure from 9 am. Passengers and passenger car boarding time is about one hour before departure time.(Please contact us on the day of boarding time, because it depends on the reservation situation of the day)
How do I board?
Fill in the boarding list at the ticket window. (You do not need to do this if you made a reservation online.) If you are boarding with a vehicle, please show your automobile inspection certificate at the ticket window. Boarding ticket is available for one person and only the driver is able to board in a vehicle. If you are a fellow passenger, please board from the terminal.
Can I pay with my family's credit card?
We only accept payments made with your own credit card.
Do you accept credit cards at the ticket window?
We accept various types of credit cards at the ticket window.See the list of credit cards accepted from here.
What happens
If you only have a reservation, your reservation will be cancelled. We will refund the full amount with no service charge if you have purchased a boarding ticket. If you have purchased coupons etc. from a travel agent, please get your refund from the agent you purchased your tickets from.If you have made a reservation online, please cancel your reservation from the booking page.
Can a pregnant passenger get on board?
Our ferry services are long-distance and unexpected incidents could always happen. Please note that we do not accept guests who are more than 8 months (28 weeks) into pregnancy for safety reasons, as we do not have any medical personnel on board.Please see pregnant guests for more information.
Can I bring my bicycle on board folded?
Bicycles of which total linear dimensions exceed 2 m cannot be taken to the guest room areas. These bicycles will be handled as a special item and the corresponding fees will apply.
Can fellow passengers board with the driver of a vehicle?
When boarding with a vehicle, the driver and fellow passengers must board separately for safety reasons. If you are a fellow passenger, please board from the terminal.


Are there any discounts?
Online reservations are offered at 20% off the original price.【*There are exceptions】Online discount cannot be used with other coupons or discounts.
*Please see the list of coupons and discounts availablefor more information.
I want to know about fares for children.
Child fare is available for children between the ages of 6 and 12, infant fare is available for infants between the ages of 1 and 5. One adult guest may board with one infant guest for free. (If you have two or more infants boarding with you, child fare will apply to each additional guest)

On board

Are children included in the room occupancy?
Yes, they are included. Guests between the ages of 6 and 12 count as children and guests between the ages of 1 and 5 count as infants. One adult guest may use the guest room with one infant for free (sleeping together). (If you have two or more infants, child fare will apply to each additional guest)
Are extra beds available in guest rooms?
No, extra beds are unavailable.
Is free Wi-Fi available?
Yes. Please see free Wi-Fi service for more information.
Is there a washing machine on the ship?
No, washing machines are unavailable.
Are halal foods available?
No, we do not serve halal foods.
Is there a checkroom or coatroom where I can keep my bags?
Please use the locker in your room or coin lockers available on the ship.
Is there any delivery service that I can get my baggages delivered?
No, we do not have any delivery service.
Is the restaurant on the ship buffet-style?
Our restaurant is a cafeteria-type restaurant where you can order menus of your choice.


How long does it take to get to the terminal from the main cities (Osaka)?
It takes about 1 h from Osaka to Izumiotsu/Kobe Terminal.
Is shuttle bus to the terminal available?
We have connecting buses from the closest station to the terminal. Please see connecting buses for more information.