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Name Hankyu Ferry Co., Ltd.
Location of the headquarters 1 Chome-1 Shinmojikita, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka, 800-0113
Date founded April 28, 1966
Capital 1.2 billion yen
President President & CEO Akira Ogasawara
Routes Shinmoji to Kobe/Shinmoji to Izumiotsu
Number of ferries 4 ferries
Number of employees On land/sea 273 employees (as of April 2024)
Affiliated companies Kankokisen Co., Ltd./Shin Nihonkai Ferry CO., Ltd./Kampu Ferry Co.,Ltd./Tokyo Kyushu Ferry Co., Ltd./Venus Travel Co., Ltd.

Handling of vehicles

Classification of passenger cars

Passenger car fare will be applied to vehicles that fall under any of the items in the table below.

Classification number Vehicles to which passenger fare is applied
3, from 30 to 39,
from 300 to 399,
from 30A to 39Z,
from 3A0 to 3Z9 and
from 3AA to 3ZZ
Sedans and vans
5, from 50 to 59,
from 500 to 599,
from 50A to 59Z,
from 5A0 to 5Z9 and
from 5AA to 5ZZ
7, from 70 to 79,
from 700 to 799,
from 70A to 79Z,
from 7A0 to 7Z9 and
from 7AA to 7ZZ
4, from 40 to 49,
from 400 to 499,
from 40A to 49Z,
from 4A0 to 4Z9 and
from 4AA to 4ZZ
Small cars (Japanese kei cars), sedans and vans (excluding pickup vehicles, convertibles and vehicles with a hood or cab-over)
6, from 60 to 69,
from 600 to 699,
from 60A to 69Z,
from 6A0 to 6Z9 and
from 6AA to 6ZZ
8, from 80 to 89,
from 800 to 899,
from 80A to 89Z,
from 8A0 to 8Z9 and
from 8AA to 8ZZ
Adapted automobiles for people with disabilities (vehicles with an indication in the automobile inspection certificate), patrol cars, ambulances and campers (Note) (Vehicles other than the above will be handled as trucks)
  1. (1) The above classification numbers are based on the Regulation for Vehicle Registration and the Road Transport Vehicle Act.
  2. (2) Truck fare applies to vehicles with a hood or cab-over.
  3. (3) Vehicles other than the above will not be handled as a passenger car.
  4. (4) Please contact us for more information about vehicles with high ground clearance as vehicles with ground clearance of 6 m or higher may be handled as trucks.
  5. (5) For motorcycle combinations and motorized tricycles, passenger car transportation fare will be applied.
  6. (6) standard Japanese-style rooms fare is free for one driver per vehicle. The difference between the standard Japanese-style rooms fare and the desired class fare is required when a driver wishes to use a guest room of higher class. Passenger fares/fees are required separately for fellow passengers.


  1. (1) Passenger fares/fees are required separately.
  2. (2) Fare for motorcycles are calculated based on the displacement of each motorcycle.
  3. (3) Small carriers such as strollers and wheelchairs will be handled in the same way as bicycles.
  4. (4) Checked baggage fee will apply to folded portable bicycles.

Bicycles of which total linear dimensions exceed 2 m will be handled as a special item (bicycle) and the corresponding fees will apply.

Note) The following vehicles will be handled as a truck.

  • ・Vehicles longer than 6 m in total length.
  • ・Vehicles of which capacity is less than 3 (excluding 2 (4))

Conditions of carriage

Hankyu Ferry Co., Ltd. applies the following conditions for its services.