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The question about boarding etc. is received by telephone.But I am Japanese as possible, and please talk to an operator.

The inquiry by the telephone is to a reservation center.

  classification telephone number Business hours
Only for a passenger and passenger cars ★The direction of Kyushu (093)481-6581 ・Mon - Thu 9:00〜18:40
・Fri - sun 9:00〜20:00
★The direction of Kansai (078)857-1211
★Nagoya office (052)565-0181
★Tokyo office (03)6858-5510
Only for trucks From Shin-moji (093)481-6681 ●9:00-the last departure
From Kobe (078)857-1223
From Izumiotsu (0725)22-6361
Only for organization Shin-moji passenger transport division (093)481-6886

・ 9:00〜18:00

Kansai office (06)6345-3491
Nagoya office (052)565-0226
Tokyo office (03)6858-5509

★The mark is connected to a Shin-moji reservation center.

※Until the last flight departure, the phone connection.

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