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Fares and Charges


Reservation of a general passenger, a passenger car, baggage, etc. can be the same day two months before a boarding day.

Reservation has accepted by Telephone.(The internet reservation is only Japanese.)


You can also use a JCB card, a VISA card and OMC card American Express Card, and UC card, DC card, a UFJ card, and TS3 card for the purchase.

About charge and cancellation

Change or cancellation, please contact us before departure. (a telephone is possible). The receptionist after departure cannot be performed.

Once changes are possible. The second change to cancel the reservation, and the new reservation.

The reservation less than on the 7th including a departure day can be changed.

For refund of cancellation, the following commission is deducted.

Classification Seven days before Two days before Before departure
Passenger 2nd grade nonreserved seat, Standard Japanese style room 200yen 200yen 200yen
Except 2nd grade nonreserved seat, Standard Japanese style room 200yen 10% 30%
Passenger car etc. 200yen 10% 30%

※Days calculation is based on the departure day.

※Refundment after the departure cannot be performed.

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